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How I Help Employers

Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships operating today face increasingly complex and evolving Employment Legislation and Regulations.

We assist businesses on a day to day basis with employment issues to comply with, understand and work through legislation with a view to avoiding and minimising disputes and litigation.

We develop a long standing relationship with a client, getting to know their business and contractual documents so that we can offer a quick response and find practical solutions that avoid employment disputes in Tribunals and Courts. .

We provide a comprehensive and cost effective way for companies to ensure legal compliance.

Drafting bespoke Employment Contracts, policies and Employee Handbook

A bespoke employment contract will protect employers from risks such as improper use of confidential information, competitive activity, soliciting clients and customers, the poaching of staff and team moves.

Having a well drafted contract will ensure the employee knows what is expected of them and what is forbidden and will ensure that a consistent response is adopted by the business to all issues thereby avoiding claims of discrimination or victimisation/ harassment.

We also specialise in drafting handbooks and policies and advise on necessary background checks to be undertaken on potential new recruits.

Variation of Terms and Conditions

Business needs will inevitably fluctuate due to a re-organisation of the business or changed economic circumstances. An employee may also want a variation to their terms and conditions. We seek to understand what needs to be done and will work with you and guide you on how to achieve this.

Advising on Settlement Agreements and Severance Packages

Terminations at a senior level can have significant ramifications for a business. We have substantial experience in advising on the termination of long serving senior executives.

We also advise partnerships and partners and LLP’s and their members on exit strategy and settlement terms.

Disciplinary/ Grievance and Capability issues.

These issues are often dealt with by line managers who may not be equipped with an understanding of principles of Employment Law. By involving us at an early stage, we give you guidance on how best to apply relevant procedures taking into account individual circumstances, the desired outcome and resolution of the problem.

Providing proactive advice effectively minimises the risk of litigation, it’s associated costs and wasted management time.

To make this cost effective we can provide a fixed fee employment helpline service on day to day issues.

Managing sickness absence, poor attendance and performance issues.

Poor attendance and performance can be costly for a business and have an adverse impact on other staff. Managing these issues can be a challenge. Acting effectively and promptly can help to resolve the situation and improve organisational effectiveness.

Restructuring and Redundancies

In these challenging economic times, restructuring is inevitable and integral and can be unsuccessful if there is a failure to manage the workforce successfully. Based on individual company circumstances, different processes can be used but management is critical. We can advise on various options and how to manage, coordinate and implement them including collective consultation where applicable to ensure the business objectives can be achieved with minimal legal risk.

Proceedings in Tribunals and Courts. 

Sometimes litigation in the courts or tribunals cannot be avoided. However fair and reasonably you have acted, a claim may still be brought against you or you may wish to litigate to prove a point of principle or to protect business interests. Court and Employment Tribunal proceedings can be time consuming and expensive. We have significant experience in representing employers in the Employment Tribunal and High Court. We will guide you through the process, advising on a strategy to achieve the best cost effective resolution for your business and manage reputational damage.

TUPE – Transfer of Undertakings

The TUPE Regulations are complex. We can advise on whether they apply, if they affect your obligations and what is the right course of action. We have experience of dealing with complex TUPE issues and can advise from the outset on the effect of the TUPE Regulations, so this can be taken into account before any tendering or proposed acquisition, sale or merger.

Restrictive Covenants and Team Moves

Employers are taking ever more active steps to protect their business should key senior employees leave. We have extensive experience in advising on situations involving team moves, enforcement of restrictive covenants and seeking and obtaining High Court injunctions to prevent a breach of the restrictive covenants.

This is a sensitive area, often involving key third parties including customers and clients. Depending on the situation and priorities, we will evaluate and advise whether an aggressive or placatory stance should be taken.

Employee Data Protection Issues

An employer has responsibilities to ensure employees’ personal details are respected and properly protected. Any monitoring by employers is covered by data protection law which sets down rules and circumstances and the way in which monitoring should be carried out. We can advise you on these and how to implement a clear policy.

Employment Rights and Status

It is important to establish a worker’s/ employee’s status so the employer knows what rights the individual has or will accrue, to ensure the employee receives benefits he/she is entitled to and to recognise necessary action that can be taken against the employee/ worker consistent with the employer’s policies.

Updates on Employment Law and Employer/ Employee Rights including training

With a client-centric approach, in addition to advisory support, we also prepare regular legal bulletins and provide tailor made training often in conjunction with specialist Counsel. Organisations often lose a claim because managers dealing with disciplinary/ grievance procedures or workplace issues do not have the necessary training and understanding of the legal position. We will help you to raise awareness through bulletins and training and will provide a help desk service to guide you through the process at a reduced rate.