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How I help Individuals

We understand how important work issues are and the impact they have on your personal life and career. We handle and advise on all employment issues, from advising on new contracts and terms of engagement through to dealing with problems arising during employment, redundancy terms, exit packages and settlement terms. We will advise you on your employment rights.

Advising on new Contracts and Terms of Engagement

When starting a new role you will be asked to sign a contract. We can review your terms and negotiate on your behalf to ensure you have sufficient protection in relation to expected remuneration (including bonus and share awards), against dismissal and that you are not unreasonably restrained.
Board level and senior appointments can be delicate as the expectation of some key areas can be different from each perspective. We will advise you on such likely key contentious terms, which often include remuneration and post termination restraint clauses. We can also negotiate terms and contracts on your behalf.
Seeking legal advice is also important if you are seeking to move to a competitor, set up on your own in competition or move as a group. We have successfully assisted teams and individuals to move to competitors and regularly advise on enforceability of restrictive covenants.

Variation of Terms and Conditions

Business needs will inevitably fluctuate because of changed economic circumstances or due to a re-organisation of the business. An employee can also seek a variation to their terms and conditions. We seek to understand what needs to be done and will work with you and guide you on how to achieve this.

Advising on Settlement Agreements and Severance Packages

Your employer may offer you a Settlement Agreement. We will evaluate your situation and advise on your legal position to enable you to decide whether you wish to accept the terms. Where required we can negotiate or direct you in seeking more favourable terms.
We have substantial experience in advising board directors and senior executives on the termination of long serving employment including any work place issues leading to this.
We also advise partners and members of LLP’s on exit strategy and settlement terms.

Advising on Disciplinary/ Grievance and Capability issues

If you are unhappy and have concerns about work place issues, it is important to raise a grievance. A well drafted robust grievance letter setting out your position can produce the desired outcome and form the foundation of any necessary action going forward.
On the other hand if you are being subjected to disciplinary or poor performance related proceedings, which is something which happens often with very short notice for preparation and attendance, we will guide you and assist you in presenting your case persuasively and effectively.

Advising and managing sickness absence, poor attendance and performance issues

Prolonged sickness absence can be immensely stressful. Beyond a loss of confidence or sense of social exclusion, you can find yourself facing disciplinary and capability proceedings.
We can take the pressure off you and guide you on how best both to present your position and resolve it. Preparation for such meetings, often at short notice, can reap dividends in protecting your position.

Advising on Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment

We have extensive experience of handling workplace discrimination, bullying and harassment, can work to ensure that you are protected and bring legal proceedings where appropriate.
Discrimination, bullying and harassment is a major cause of injury to health, both physical and mental and it is important that action is taken quickly. Very often, these issues arise because the hiring manager has left, personalities are no longer as compatible or as an unwarranted response to your having flagged unreasonable requests or demands of excessive work.

Work related stress and personal injury

If you have suffered from stress at work and you feel that your employer created those conditions and did not do anything to prevent or stop them and it has affected your health, we can help to ensure you receive the best possible support and claim compensation.


We have vast experience in advising on redundancy matters. We will advise you on your rights and entitlements, on whether it is a true redundancy situation and your employer has followed due process in a fair manner, on how to challenge the process and on redundancy payments and Settlement Agreements.

Unfair and Wrongful Dismissal

If your employer ends your employment unfairly or in breach of the terms of your employment contract or you resign in response to your employer acting in a way that amounts to a fundamental breach of contract, you may have a claim. We will seek to settle your claim and protect your reputation through negotiations. Alternatively, we can issue proceedings on your behalf and represent you at the Employment Tribunal or court.

Equal Pay, Pay and Bonus Disputes

Wages and bonus payment disputes arise regularly. We have extensive experience on negotiating on substantial pay and bonus disputes. We can assess the terms surrounding your pay and bonus and advise on the action you can take if your employer does not act fairly.

TUPE – Transfer of Undertakings Regulations

The TUPE Regulations are complex. If you are an employee involved and affected by any business transfer you need to know where you stand and the likely impact of TUPE, in particular, the protection it gives you. We will help you to understand your legal position and advise you on what steps to take.


When you bring to the attention of your employer or other relevant organisation information about a wrongdoing, you may be subjected to detrimental treatment. It is automatically unlawfully to be dismissed or to be subjected to such detrimental treatment and you may be entitled to bring a claim. If you are considering raising a concern or have been subjected to detrimental treatment after raising a concern, you should seek advice as soon as possible. We regularly advise employees and workers on whistleblowing cases and can advise you on how to “blow the whistle” whilst maximising the protection available to you.

Family Friendly Rights 

We can advise you and guide you through any family related rights and requests for flexible working. We will help you to manage your expectations and issues whether it is through negotiation, correspondence or litigation.