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Business and Commercial Law

Our clients turn to us for help dealing with commercial issues in relation to contracts (Employment and Commercial), directors’ duties, breach of fiduciary and contract claims and implementation and enforcement of restrictive covenants and confidential information and protection of company property.

Directors Duties

Directors of a company have many for reaching and imposing statutory duties. The consequences for a Director who breaches any of the above duties can be very serious. It is important for Directors to be conversant with the law as they may incur personal liability, both civil and criminal, for their acts or omissions in directing the company.

Companies need to have robust policies and procedures in place to ensure that such duties are exercised properly and are capable of being evidenced.

Breach of Contract and Fiduciary Claims

Sometimes an individual in a fiduciary position take advantage of their position both with and without an intention to act dishonestly. As a fiduciary the individual will be liable to account for any profit made by reason of their position/ office. In some circumstances this property received can be traced through to third parties. Moreover, if the profit has been spent or disposed off, the individual will remain personally liable. We have experience of advising on such matters and the best course of action to take.

We also have experience of advising and fighting disputes relating to commercial contracts. Our experience of contractual disputes enables us to advice on best course of action.

Protection of business, property and Confidential Information

Hardeep Kular on a regular basis advises on matters involving interim injunctions to protect assets, confidential information and enforce restraints of trade.

Limited Liability Partnerships

We have acted in relation to various disputes in LLPs and Partnerships. We regularly advise both remaining and departing partners and members of LLP’s and have experience of disputes involving members of private equity hedge funds and medical practitioner partnerships’, particularly GPs.

We also regularly advise on employee status of salaried partners and members of a LLP.

Debt Recovery

We advise on cost effective steps to recover late payment debt with costs and interest including advice on enforcement.